ClickMeeting is best known for its webinar solutions, but how does it serve as a video conferencing solution? Read on to learn more about its features and virtual meeting support.  

About ClickMeeting 

Founded in 2011 by GetResponse, a leading email marketing platform, ClickMeeting is now regarded as one of the world’s leading webinar solutions for businesses of all sizes. Despite functioning primarily as a webinar platform, ClickMeeting is versatile enough to function as basic video conferencing software and offers many of the features that can be found with virtual meeting providers as a result. All you’ll need to do is use the platform’s discussion mode to turn your webinar into a meeting room. 

What Does ClickMeeting Offer? 

With a primary focus on providing the necessary tools to help individuals educate their teams via online video software, GoToMeeting comes complete with a full suite of impressive webinar features. Webinars allow you to reach your online audience and are growing in popularity for providing digital interactions that are usually reserved for business conferences. 

Thankfully, GoToMeeting lives up to the expectations that its name implies – although only just. The platform allows you to host team meetings, presentations and brainstorming sessions with up to 25 attendees. In these meetings, you’ll be able to broadcast up to four video streams at once and collaborate with attendees to work on documents and presentations. 

Unlike the vast majority of other video conferencing software that’s available, GoToMeeting is browser-based and isn’t accessible via an app. Unfortunately, this makes it more difficult to use on mobile devices. 

Key Features 

Its webinar features actually go a long way to enhance what could typically be considered very average video conferences. You can do a lot to make your streams more fun and interesting. Setting up meetings is simple and can be done by creating an event directly from your dashboard. Once you’ve created a name for your meeting room, you’ll be able to share it with up to 25 attendees. You can even add an agenda too. 

Once the meeting has started, you can record it but only if you’re the one hosting. You can also highlight text or annotate presentations by utilizing the features that are available in drawing mode. 

ClickMeeting is compatible with PCs, Macs and all well-known browsers, but we found the lack of a dedicated app to be a major letdown for mobile users. 


ClickMeeting offers three unique pricing plans and they depend on the number of attendees you wish to invite to your meetings. While ClickMeeting doesn’t offer a free subscription plan, you’re invited to find out if ClickMeeting is the right video conferencing software for you by taking part in its seven-day free plan. 

The free plan allows you to access online meetings for up to five people and webinars for up to 25 attendees, with up to five audio feeds available. You can learn more about the paid subscription plans below, which are priced in GBP sterling. 

Live Plan - £20 per month 

For £20 a month, your video conferences (or webinars) will be able to support up to 25 HD quality audio feeds and four HD quality video feeds. In addition, you’ll get six hours of recording storage and 1GB of file storage. Hosting your video conferences through ClickMeeting means you can fully integrate your broadcasts with the most popular social media platforms, although unless you’re hosting webinars, there’s never really a reason you’d need to do this. 

Automated Plan - £30 per month

Your recording storage is increased from six hours to ten hours and so is your file storage – up from 1GB to 2GB. Other than all of the features included in the live plan, the only real improvements here are additional compatibility features with social media platforms. Again, if you’re only looking to use ClickMeeting for virtual meetings, there’s no real benefit from paying extra for these additional features. 

Enterprise Plan - Contact For Prices 

GoToMeeting’s enterprise plan gives you access to everything that the automated plan offers but with the added bonus of having your own account manager. Regardless of what kind of functionality you require from your video conferencing software, paying over £30 a month for a service that’s primarily focussed on providing webinar support doesn’t offer good value for money.


GoToMeeting is a webinar solution first and foremost. That said, it boasts an appealing and easy-to-use interface that makes working your way around it a pleasure. You can trust it to deliver most of the things that you’d expect from basic video conferencing software. Unfortunately, the lack of a dedicated app with a limited number of participants it's able to support in a single meeting leaves us wanting more – and that’s without mentioning the incredibly high price points. While GoToMeeting may be the perfect choice for a webinar provider, you’re better off looking elsewhere if your primary focus is on hosting and joining virtual meetings.