Nextiva is an award-winning VoIP that offers a complete call center solution for businesses of all sizes, whether you’re a small start-up or a large enterprise. By enabling users to make and receive calls using their desktop computer or mobile phone, Nextiva lets people stay connected when they’re at work but not able to get into the office, making it perfect for remote working. Alongside its business calling service, a fully integrated software and sales CRM, Nextiva also offers HQ-quality video calls. 

What Does Nextiva Offer? 

Nextiva delivers everything you’d expect from a VoIP and more. Its call features support communication with VoIP, video, and chat, complete with unlimited calling and texting. Nextiva isn’t difficult to use, either. As one of the top-rated iOS and Android mobile apps, it’s just as easy to use on your mobile device as it is on a desktop computer. By using Nextiva on your mobile, you can still fulfill all of your call center duties even when you’re traveling on business and can’t make it into the office. 

Its video conferencing support is impressive, offering unlimited audio and video meetings with crystal clear, HD audio, making it easier than ever before to communicate with customers. You’ll also avoid the embarrassment of asking callers to repeat themselves due to bad phone lines. If you ever need to listen back to your calls, Nextiva’s advanced VoIP conferencing also features call recording and is a fantastic way of collaborating with your team through video sessions. 

Another advantage of using Nextiva over other video conferencing software providers is its award-winning customer service team. Set up is easy and if you don’t have the time internally to teach new employees how to work their way around the software, Nextiva’s team is able to do it for you through training sessions. Virtual voicemails, auto attendants for inbound calls and screen pop-ups showing the identity of your caller – Nextiva’s customer service team can talk you through all of these features and many more. 

Key Features 

Whether you’re looking to host a virtual meeting with your team or you need a reliable way of tracking customer information, Nextiva has a lot of features setting it apart from other VoIPs. One of its biggest benefits is the scalability of the platform. If you’re a fast-growing business that needs to regularly review how you’re operating with customers, Nextiva can grow with you. Better still, a fully integrated CRM gives you all of the information you need to analyze your calls and improve your strategy. Nextiva is one of the largest and well-known VoIP providers which means you get more than just amazing HD quality for your calls; you also get access to a customer service team that outshines support offered by many other VoIPs, both in size and quality of the advice they can provide. 


Nextiva’s cloud-based VoIP and CRM services are available through three pricing plans. The plans are priced per individual user, starting at $19.95 a month for its Essential package and a minimum of $27.95 a month for its Enterprise package. While many of the pricing plans on offer concentrate on business phone services and access to a CRM, it’s worth noting that its video conferencing software is included for free within all of these packages. 

This means if your focus is on video conferencing software, you can host and access an unlimited number of video calls with HD audio and video quality without having to shell out extra for enhanced plans. 

Essential Package - $19.95 per month/ user

Nextiva’s essential package offers users free number porting, a free local or toll-free number, unlimited calling, an auto attendant, hold music and free online faxing (for when you need to deal with customers that are somehow still stuck in the past). 

Professional Package - $20.95 per month/ user 

Nextiva’s professional package includes unlimited business SMS and allows users to host audio conference calls with up to 40 people. You’ll also be able to call other users over video using the mobile app – a feature that isn’t available on mobile in the essential package. 

Enterprise Package - $27.95 per month/ user 

On top of all of the features that are included in the essential and professional package, the enterprise package offers unlimited audio conferencing calls with an unlimited number of people. You’ll also be able to transcribe any voicemail messages that are left for you. Other than additional integration features with a variety of different business applications, there are no additional video conferencing benefits to this plan.


Nextiva is great at what it does, but that’s at being a call center solution for businesses. If you’re a business that requires call center software that provides your team with a way to effectively communicate with each other using video conferencing calls, Nextiva is a great choice. However, if you’re not interested in any of these call center solutions or its CRM and are simply looking for a way to host virtual meetings online, Nextiva is likely not for you.