If you’re looking for a way to hold HD video meetings using your computer, mobile phone or tablet, RingCentral’s video conferencing software provides a way to streamline how you communicate with your employees and other businesses. You don’t have to be a RingCentral customer to experience the features it has on offer too. Users are able to invite meeting participants whether they’re a RingCentral customer or not, allowing everyone to keep connected wherever they are. 

What Does RingCentral Offer? 

RingCentral is primarily a cloud communications provider but has evolved to offer a video conferencing solution which it refers to as RingCentral Meetings. This is available as a standalone solution, so you won’t have to take out one of RingCentral’s more expensive packages to access its video conferencing software and start hosting your own virtual meetings. 

As RingCentral’s video conferencing software has been built to cater to the needs of enterprise video conferencing, it’s an effective way for people from locations all over the world to communicate with each other. You won’t need access to any special teleconference equipment either. As well as being able to access HD quality audio and video, participants in video calls are also able to share files and presentations thanks to the software’s screen sharing function. This is a fantastic feature for collaborative working environments. 

Once you’ve registered with RingCentral, you’ll be given your own dedicated account that you can access by installing the RingCentral application on Mac or Microsoft desktop computers, as well as iOS and Android devices. An added bonus is the application also includes a plug-in for Microsoft Office, allowing you to sync meetings directly with your Outlook calendar. 

Key Features 

We’ve all experienced the pain of sitting through poor quality video calls where the faces of participants melt into a mess of individual pixels. Thankfully, one of RingCentral’s primary focuses is supporting video content of the highest quality, so you’ll never have to cope with lag or poor quality video conferencing calls again. 

The ability to invite anyone to meetings is another key feature and your plans won’t be slowed down as you wait for them to create an account of their own. As RingCentral works across multiple devices, you’ll be able to connect to participants no matter where they are in the world. One of the features that we find the most impressive is the ability to connect to up to 200 people in a single video call. 


If you’re just interested in accessing video conferencing software, RingCentral Meetings offers three different price plans that are independent of the main RingCentral pricing plans. 

Free Plan - $0.00 per month/ user

Described as the plan for agile teams, this allows you to connect up to 100 participants over a single virtual meeting and host an unlimited number of 1:1 meetings. Unfortunately, group meetings will only last for a maximum length of 40 minutes – but you could argue that’s a productive way of keeping meetings short and sweet, rather than dragging them on for too long (and we all know how painful that can be).  

Essentials Plan - $14.99 per month/ user 

More suited for growing businesses, this plan contains all of the features advertised under the free plan, but your 40-minute time limit on group meetings has been removed. Take that how you will. The essentials plan also offers basic reporting, 24x7 phone support and enables desktop sharing, which is perfect for collaborative working across teams. 

Advanced Plan - $19.99 per month/ user 

For $5 extra a month per user, you’ll get the added benefit of a real-time usage dashboard for additional reporting functionality and priority customer service report.


With support for up to 200 users in a single virtual meeting, RingCentral is the perfect choice for small teams and growing businesses that have employees located all over the world and are looking for a more efficient way of communicating. There are cheaper ways of communicating via video calls out there and RingCentral won’t be best suited to those of you looking for the cheapest no-frills video conferencing software. That said, its free plan does offer everything that most people need.